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Acrobatics is a challenging art form that expands one’s range of physical movement and control while learning new skills such as flips, balancing and tumbling sequences.
Acrobatics classes start with an entire warm up followed by balancing skills and tumbling rows in a series of progressive levels.



Ballet is a very structured genre that involves understanding of the body, its muscles, posture and poise. Ballet is a form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses. Ballet improves all aspects of a dancer’s technique and will help produce a quality dancer. At Perth Dance Centre we follow the C.S.T.D syllabus without the examination work.



B-boying and b-girling or better known within the media as breakdancing, is the original dance of hip hop to come out of the Bronx, New York in the 1970's. Since its re-insurgence in the 1990's, this freestyle dance to funk and hip hop has gained popularity across the globe. You will learn the essentials to becoming a b-boy or b-girl, from toprock and downrock, to power moves and freezes. You will leave this class more inspired each lesson



PerthDC is cheering with our new Cheer classes! Cheerleading is a fantastic team sport that combines gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. With a combination of stunting, dances, jumps and tumbling this is the perfect way to burn energy and make lots of new friends. We are very excited to be able to offer PerthDC Cheer at our 2 locations - Try cheer today :)


Elite Troupe classes are designed for competition purposes. All troupe participants must be taking 2 dance classes to be considered for troupes and students will receive placement by audition. We encourage all students to participate in a troupe, to gain stage experience, work in a team sport situation and most of all gain the confidence that comes from all this. Troupe classes are divided into age groups U10, U16, and Open, this means you must be under the age group to compete in this competitions age section. Perth Dance Centre has been highly successful in dance competitions over the years, placing in almost every genre


icon Glee

Glee Club is a fun class focusing on correct singing technique in a fun filled environment. If you love singing and dancing, Glee Club is the perfect class for you


icon HIP HOP

Hip Hop is a broad category that includes a variety of urban dance styles. Constantly evolving hip hop is a free, funky, soulful expression of dance and a high energy style that allows you to express more of your own style


icon JAZZ

Jazz has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years. This is mainly due to its popularity on television shows, movies, music videos and commercials. Consisting of unique moves, leaps, turns kicks and captivated energy, Jazz is definitely a fun filled class not to be missed 



Lyrical combines the techniques of jazz, contemporary and ballet. Lyrical invites dancers to use their bodies to interpret and express themselves to the music. While mainly choreographed to music with lyrics, "lyrical" generally refers to the expressive, melodic and highly emotional quality of dance. Dancers gain fluidity of movement, grace and control. 



Our Stretch and technique class is for the dancer who wishes to improve not only their flexibility but their skills as well. Practicing and refining their turns, jumps, kicks, splits and layouts and many more!

Open to boys and girls ages 8yrs and up.

Dancers must be registered in another class to participate in Technique


icon TAP

Tap is an exciting form of dance where dancers use their feet to create rhythmic patterns such as time steps, centre combinations, travelling steps and choreography.  With Perth Dance Centre's modern flair on Tap, it has become a very popular class amongst the students.  Come give it a try today



A program specifically designed for students aged 3-4yrs old. This 30 min class teaches students the fundamentals of Modern dance in a fun vibrant atmosphere. Boys and girls will be learning kicks, turns, side gallops, hopping, skipping, fun choreography and so much more! This class is a must for all parents who can’t keep their little one from dancing around the house



Toddie Hop is a toddler class designed for the lil groovers! With the Hip Hop beats, these little dancers will be learning the beginning style of Hip Hop


Classes - 1 to 13 of 13